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Golden Investment: Residential Real Estate

Becoming a property owner is a huge step. There are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of decisions to make in investing and buying residential property. Are you ready to invest in residential real estate? Here are some things to consider first:

-      Your property: Rent it out or live in it? One important thing to know about residential real estate is the probable imposition and application of taxes when you decide to rent it out to potential renters. Think of your budget from a long-term perspective. When you’ve managed to sort it out, you can then decide on which option will work out for you.

-      Seek financing options. Ask yourself: How much am I willing to shell out on mortgage alone? Financing also helps you set a specific budget in purchasing property. Remember, all good investments come with the right budget and price.

Here's a pro tip: always engage the help of experts who can help guide you in your real estate investments. I came across this Australian expert called Simon Baker who worked for REA in Australia, and he owns the wonderful Property Portal Watch website (click here). I hope he can give me advice when I launch my own property portal in Kerala, India next year. I heard it's an easy way to make money.

-      Location. Location always matters. Do not forget to look out for communities that are in the process of development, so the chances of your investment reaching its full potential will be high. If you are willing to invest on a worldwide-scale, Southeast Asia is a great place to start. India and Malaysia are both an expatriate haven, so test your options. Get in touch with our realtors for more information about expanding your property investments worldwide. Suggested reading includes for real estate opportunities in Malaysia. I have also had clients who had tremendous success searching for properties in India at 99Acres as well as PropertyBharat. These are both major property portals in India.

-      Amenities matter. We have to admit it—everyone wants to experience convenience and will be willing to pay for it no matter how pricey it can be. Therefore, investing in a location that offers amenities is a good plus.  It may add up to your list of expenses, but it’s going to pay off for sure in the future.

Now is the best time to go ahead and look for golden opportunities—invest in residential real estate and watch success grow right before your eyes!

Posted by: Admin on April 8, 2013

More Property: Manasa Sarovar Heights

We have three ready-to-occupy houses for sale near Manasa Sarovar Heights in Bowenpally. We can hand over the keys to you in a month.

Our houses in a nut shell:

170 Sq Yards & 2900 Sq Feet
South Facing and 100% vaastu
4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Huge Living and Dining room
Open modular kitchen
Big bedrooms with balconies
Walk-in closets and dressing area in all the bedrooms
Big Bathrooms with separate wet area and dry area
Big Lounge areas in 1st and 2nd floors
Washer and Dryer hook-ups
Terrace Garden in 2nd floor
Solar water heater
Reverse Osmosis water cleaning unit in the kitchen

A small gated community with all the possible amenities you can think of. Each one of the bungalows is constructed with utmost care and personal attention. A top- -of- the-line construction with top- -of- the-line materials and appliances. A perfect combination of modern architecture and vasthu shastra. Nicely laid, well-lit rooms inside and beautiful elevation outside.

Our exclusive homes designs are based on examples of house for sale in Malaysia, India and around the region. We specialize in prime real estate and we also act as property investment advisors for a select group of clients. If you are looking for a good piece of property for sale, or if you have got the capital to invest in real estate in Malaysia, India or  elsewhere then please get in touch with our realtors, brokers and agents. We are not into luxury developments in Malaysia - KLCC condominiums and apartments, for example, are not our forte.

It’s the nearest possible serene location to the buzz but away from noise and pollution. These fairly priced homes can be your prized assets. Give us a call to become the owner of such a valuable property. For a better assessment on what your needs are, get in touch with us using the contact details on our Contact Us page or click here. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Posted by: Admin on February 15, 2013